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Brain Health and Fitness

Tips and tricks, insights, news and research on brain health, and how to get and keep your brain fit

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VIDEO: The Benefits of Brain Health and Fitness

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Books and workbooks to help you understand the brain and train your brain to health, just like your body.

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We interview scientists and ordinary people that have stopped and prevented ACES.  Get to know how the brain works using brain science education and simple tools.

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Public conversations on Brain Health; exploring the latest research and understanding how to have a thriving mind.

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31 Day Brain Health Challenge

The Thriving Minds blog covers topics of brain health and fitness, what makes us health and strong, and the latest in ways to have a thriving mind. Check out the latest research, tips and tricks.

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Our online course for developing a thriving mind is coming soon. Subscribe for updates and get a copy of our eBook with exercises, tips and tricks for a thriving mind.


Selena presents lectures, seminars, & programs to help government and businesses improve innovation, decision making, and performance. Her most requested topics include how to manage stress, leadership mindsets, embracing change and improving team performance.

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See what's been written about Selena and Brain Health in Australian and International press.

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Latest Podcast

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Learn about the brain and understand the impact of stress. Develop strategies to reduce workplace stress and apply the knowledge to improve improve workplace performance and teamwork, and even daily living.


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