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Speaker on Brain Fitness and its effect on leadership, innovation and performance.

Selena presents lectures, seminars, and has designed programs to help government, business, and other organizations improve innovation, decision making, and performance; aid children in learning; assist women and men in strengthening brain health to trim the body; and help retirees in having more vital lives.


Her most requested speaking topics are on how to manage stress to grow mindset, embrace change and trim the body, growing leadership mindset, and improving team performance.

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In 2014 Selena presented her findings on brain fitness and the neuroplasticity revolution in a TEDx talk. An ambassador for the organisation Women in Technology, Selena has received the organisation’s Biotech Outstanding Achievement award and Biotech Research awards in 2013.


She has written over 80 scientific papers and presented her findings are many Government organisations, companies, institutions, high schools and community organisations. 

Selena is particularly interested in how adverse childhood experiences shape the brain and what to do about it.


Believing this work has the potential to be transformative, even to disrupt the cycle of trauma, poverty, and incarceration, she is a passionate advocate for people who are marginalized. Selena understands that knowing one’s brain drives compassion for other brains.

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