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Unleashing the team’s brain’s potential in the post-pandemic era

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

What is your brain’s potential? Imagine being able to shine a light and see the inside of your brain and perhaps witness an extra 40% of your brain functions being under-utilised. What would your reaction be, and would you choose to search for activities that improve and optimise brain health and function? Recently it was discovered that when people work well in a state of flow, a specific and unique region of the brain region is activated in each member of the group that is not accessed when working alone. Accessing this part of the brain allows neural connections to be activated and together the team can solve complex problems that may not have been solved alone.

In the brain capital economy, cognitive skills are going to be valued over all others. Optimising strategies that promote brain health will become the norm. Leaders who facilitate team flow will confer significant advantages by operationalising the brain’s plasticity. Team flow states, arise when individual’s having healthy brains and can access and train to improve upon cognitive skills. Understanding the brain and improving cognition will become priorities for societies that want to retain highly skilled talent in the “great resignation” post pandemic economies. Artificial intelligence and neuroscience have merged and have led to the discovery of how the brain’s potential can be unleashed. As we continue to shine a light on the brain, in the post-industrial economies, the competition will become to identify strategies that maintain brain health and optimise cognitive skills. There are many strategies that optimise executive function and cognitive skills that promote brain health. As the light becomes brighter, we will ask questions about the impact of Society on brain health and what we can do about it.

Image and research from Mohammad Shehata et al 2021

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